On October 29, 1848, nine men and four women formed the original congregation in Obion County from which we are descended, pledging to be Christians only. In 1856, Union City founder General Gibbs gave the church a lot (now 2nd & Lee) for $1 on which a church building was erected. The Civil War interrupted the growth of the church, and the building was torn down. In 1868, a new building was erected and the church advanced.

In the summer of 1891, about 50 members left in protest when an organ was brought in to be used during worship. This group purchased a lot on Exchange Street in December 1891, signed by “elders of Christ’s Church at Union City.” In 1892, a building was constructed, costing $1,500. By the late 1890’s, membership had dwindled to 43. However, in July of 1902, the church met for rededication to the work and worship of the Lord. Due to growth, a new building was erected in 1938, which was destroyed by fire in December 1948. The 550 members determined to rebuild and continue working for the Lord. On June 4, 1950, our present auditorium was dedicated. The average Sunday morning attendance in 1952 was down to 262. By 1981, the church had grown again to an average Sunday morning attendance of 326.

During our 175-year history of decline and growth, this church has been used for good by the Lord through jail ministry, foreign and domestic missions, local benevolence, youth outreach, nursing home, and many other ministries. With the addition of our Family Life Center in 2014, our prayer is to expand services to our community and deepen fellowship among our church family, all to the glory of God.